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Sustenso helps you prepare for essential adjustments to climate change by converting green waste with a minimal CO2 footprint into green raw materials such as green gas, microbial biomass and nutrients.

from green waste to green products

Sustenso is committed to the circular economy, to a future with less CO2 in the air and less residual waste in the environment.

Current scientific insights concerning climate change and population growth, together with forceful legislation and regulations, are forcing us to consider new technologies that will enable us to improve our production processes, energy generation and material usage on multiple levels. A critical factor in this regard is being able to process our waste products, using environmentally friendly, energy-efficient and circular methods.

Because the food industry and the agrarian sector produce large amounts of waste, we stand to benefit tremendously if they adopt circular business practices. Sustenso’s objective is to enhance the value of green and agrarian waste by converting it into useful and marketable components such as green gas, minerals, nutrients and clean water.

The two proven technologies Sustenso uses to accomplish this (fermentation and digestate processing) are linked to the natural process of photosynthesis: sunlight-driven conversion of CO2 by bacteria and/or algae (microbial biomass). This fixes the CO2 in new bacteria and/or algae. The type of bacteria or algae Sustenso chooses to use for this process determines the market value of the resulting microbial biomass. But above all, this third technology minimizes the CO2 footprint.

Using these three technologies in combination enables us to take a step towards realizing the circular economy: Higher yield without wastage.

We spare the environment, reduce the burden on horticulturalists and farmers and offer the prospect of a better world.

how it works

Sustenso develops installations that process agrarian waste, producing green gas with no wastage. This way, Sustenso contributes to the circular economy. Sustenso focuses on producing green gas, minerals and nutrients and fixing CO2 into microbial biomass.

from waste to biogas and digestate

Using a digester to produce green gas primarily from vegetable waste is becoming increasingly efficient and therefore more profitable. Sustenso actively monitors developments and improvements in current technologies.

from biogas to green gas

Sustenso has developed an additional technology that extracts CO2 from biogas, using a biological and energy-efficient method.

from CO2 to microbial biomass

CO2 is fixed in new biomass by photosynthetic bacteria that are powered by sunlight. Sustenso harnesses this process by linking an efficient photobioreactor to the biogas stream.

from digestate to usable products

Besides biogas, the bio-digester also produces so-called digestate, consisting of solid material and liquid. Sustenso installs state-of-the-art purification technologies in order to separate all the useful components.

advice and support

Designing, constructing and placing installations that efficiently and sustainably process (green) waste streams, requires up-to-date knowledge in multiple fields, ranging from regulations to technology, from market developments to logistics.

Sustenso’s staff has all of this knowledge, so we can help you with the following:

  • Business planning
  • Applying for the necessary licenses
  • Financing
  • Management and operation of the installations
  • Marketing the products

the sustenso team

Sustenso’s unique and high-quality separation process was developed by a team of entrepreneurs and scientists with expertise in:

  • Agriculture
  • Science
  • Market developments
  • Environmental technology

Sustenso takes a huge environmental care out of your hands